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Alfaparf Keratin is best used on over processed hair

Alfaparf Keratin

After doing over 2000 Keratin services we found Alfaparf Keratin is best used on over processed hair. most over Keratins will dry the hair out even worse than what you came in with! this Alfaparf Keratin is light weight super healthy shiny result and can be washed on the same day

Keratin that is best for Bleach or over processed hair !

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My hair is feeling quite dry ?

why is my hair is feeling quite dry ? after a colour service 

Don’t panic its not uncommon for this to Happen to your hair  when trying to achieve the desired result that may be outside its scope of what really can be achieved below are some professional and  home remedies you can try remember this though after having a service like the above your hair at first will feel like straw but after a sort time it will settle down into a better  PH state. The positive for fine / Medium hair is more Volume because there less weight in the hair from your natural oils being removed by the lightning process in most cases  having volume  dose enhance your appearance  

Rejuvenate your hair


Step 1  OLAPLEX Repair system  or More Info

Using  best practices once very 3 weeks
Wet the Hair
pop it in for 10 min
rinse it out
use a Moisture Treatment  for 20min

Home remedies

Moisture treatments that actually penetrate the hair shaft

A Can of  Coconut Cream

Moisture and Protein  treatments
3x Mayo  mixed with 2x eggs

if you are treating with the egg don’t use Hot water to rinse
All treatments maximum pritration 20min raped in glad wrap and towel over the hair to create heat this forces the hair to open the shaft accepting  the maximum

TIP  can be added to your conditioners start with a tablespoon, For thick Hair keep adding till the desired result

Meme oil
Aloevera Hair Oil

TIP oils can be added to your conditioners start with a teaspoon, remember this add weight to the hair! For thick Hair keep adding till the desired result

coconut  ( for coarse  hair )
olive   ( for all hair )
tea tree  (for fine hair )  8 drops in 500ml water spray bottle
Oil sealer do not penetrate the hair shaft great for

If you still fill that your hair is feeling like Straw You should Bookin  for the professional use only version of the Olaplex  to get you started on the above home treatments

Keratin treatments

Keratin therapies are an effective way to fix broken hair and they may be able to also be used to straighten hair this is naturally curly with out inflicting harm. Many hairdressers be offering this remedy, and you’ll be able to even practice a keratin remedy within the convenience of your home for little value.
Tip for fine hair use the Keratin shampoo for medium | Coarse Hair Booking get the full treatment

Does Keratin Straighten your hair watch this video
Safety Note 

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Glam Night Out! Package Hair Makeup From $145 Available @ Bondi Beach

Glam Night Out package + photo

Glam Night Out! package hair makeup is $145.00 or + photo  $80 with 30 years experience Make-Up Artist Bridget Serhand exclusively available at Aesthete Hair Salon Bondi Beach Hair 30 years experience by Bill Minglis

Glam Night Out package. Celebrity hair and makeup stylists exclusively available at Aesthete Hair Salon Bondi

Glam Night Out package includes hair and makeup
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Glam Night Out Package – Professional hair and makeup

Aesthete Hair's Glam Night Out package.

Celebrity hair and makeup stylists exclusively available at Aesthete Hair Salon Bondi

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Do you have a formal, Christmas / NYE party or just want to look glamorous? Get red carpet ready with

Be looked after and styled by professional hair and makeup artists all for only $145. For more information, please call 9365 0227 or  BOOKINGS

Hair by Bill Minglis

Make-up by Brigitte Serhan

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Glam Blowie

Kaja Troa with our Glam Blowie
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Monica Vanderkley Keratin Style Cut

Monica Vanderkley had her hair reconditioned with the Latino Keratin and Style Cut. At Aethete Hair

#sexhair with @monicavanderkley 💇🏻💋 . . #hair #fashion #love #style

A video posted by Aesthete Hair Salon (@aesthetesalon) on

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Makeover Wedding hair and makeup

These 8 ladies had 3.5 hr to preppier there hair and makeup before the wedding. Aesthete hair provided the ready room with drinks, snacks, and photos for the bride with plenty of time left over

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Makeover. Keratin, colour, style cut, make-up photo

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Colour Correction

Lara didn’t like the copper reflect in her hair and ask for deeper roots lighter end with no yellow /copper
with this colour correction

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Bom Fire Red hair colour

for this Bom Fire red hair colour. We used Black tint colour at the roots red at the ends using O&M Clean Color Technology At Aesthete Hair Bondi

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