keratin aftercare info

Vital Consideration Points

  1. Guava does not take responsibility for any client dissatisfaction.
  2. Certified Guava Latino specialists must show their certification to their clients to ensure their credibility and quality assurance.
  3. Longevity and/or success of the Latino Treatment will be compromised due to the following:
  • If hair is prelightened with bleach after a keratin;
  • If Guava shampoos and conditioners are not used for after care;
  • Guava Treatment not applied by a Guava Certified Hairdresser. It is the salons responsibility to ensure all their staff  have been trained by Guava Hair. Certificates can be issued to staff members if requested;
  • Faulty straightening iron with incorrect temperature indicator;
  • If client has had a baby in the last year and/or currently breast feeding before having the Latino Treatment;
  • The Latino Treatment may not last the whole duration as proposed, if your client is on thyroid, diabetes, HRT or heart tablets (or any form of medication that may alter hormonal level);
  • Swimming in chlorine/salt water will weaken the keratin that has been infused into the cuticle, as the chemical levels in the salt and chlorine waters are too strong;
  • Treatment will require home maintenance. NOTE: it is not a ‘wash and wear’ treatment. It will require a heating element, i.e, blow dryer o smooth the hair. This treatment helps minimise frizz and make styling at home easy and less stressful;
  • During the 3 day process, client must follow Guava guidelines for optimal results, i.e. keep hair smooth, dry and straight. Do not get hair wet or sweaty. Must go over with an iron or blow-dryer to remove any creases.