The oblong face shape is rectangular, and has similar qualities as the square face shape except that it’s longer. It tends to be angular, but not always. Oblong faces are pretty straight, with the cheekbones not any or much wider than the forehead and jaw line.
What to avoid: center parts, no-bangs or slicked-back styles, chin-length styles with no texture or fullness, and styles that add volume on top but not at the sides. The best styles for this face are full, textured styles- think curl or wave, and layers. Short and medium length styles work well on this face, like ‘wedge’ cuts and graduated bobs that are shorter than the jaw line. Shoulder length cuts with layers that kick out or have texture are flattering, as are side parts and blunt cut bangs.
Hair Style for Oblong Face Shape
Styles that are short to medium in length with longer top layers without height are best suited such as wedge and graduated bob cuts .
Chin and shoulder length looks that turn under or kick out also work very well to add width.
Straight across bangs with side parts work best.
Layered styles in medium and long lengths that add body in with wavy and curly textures are great for softening the straight long lines of oblong face shapes.
Hairstyles that add height at the crown or on top will only lengthen your face.
The absence of bangs.
Wispy chin length styles that have no body or that don’t add width through the sides should also be avoided.
Makeup Tips for Oblong Face Shape
An oblong or rectangular face shape is longer than it is wide, and is relatively the same width across the forehead, cheekbones and jawline. For an oblong face, use makeup to accentuate your cheekbones and bring out the middle third of the face.
With makeup, you can contour an oblong face to make it appear more equally proportioned. Start by applying foundation and powder all over the face. A well-powdered face is essential for contouring.
Your objective with makeup on an oblong face is to create the appearance of the ideal oval, making your face appear both shorter and broader. Use a darker pressed powder (or a matte bronzer) along the hairline at the top of the forehead, blending it downward. Also add the same bronzer to just the bottom of the chin. This will help the face appear slightly shorter.
Next, you want to focus on the cheekbones to make the face appear broader. Apply bronzer, just under the cheekbones in the hollow, and then blend up and out toward the hairline.
“For an oblong face, contour the sides of the jaw, temples and hairline with bronzer to minimize the prominent forehead,” .
To really put the focus on the cheeks, you need to apply blush just to the apples, using a fluffy brush in a circular motion. Then, apply a light highlighter or illuminating powder to the very highest points of the cheek to finish widening the appearance of the face.
By putting the emphasis on your beautiful features, you can take away from an irregular, oblong face shape , bold eyeshadow colors and dramatic lashes. “Extending the eyebrows outward toward your temples also will soften the angular features,” says Lauren.

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