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nanoplastia treatment 100% straight shine and strength wash & go upto 5 months

Nanoplastia treatment 100% straight shine and strength wash & go upto 5 months – Coming soon

Nanoplastia treatment australia

100% shine and strength.

W.One was developed to promote intracellular nutrition with nanotechnology. Its reconstructive effect gives fiber,

W one Nanoplastia treatment, it will leave your hair perfect!

  • 100% shine
  • 100% re-constructor
  • 100% straight
  • 0% formaldehyde
  • 0% carbocysteine
    ( can be use in children and during pregnancy)
    Be part of this revolutionary treatment by Floractiveusa!

Hair Straighteners Japanese verses Nanoplastia keratin

Japanese straightening

  • Breakage 25% +
  • Blow Dry can’t bend the hair
  • Poker straight permanent
  • 4-5hr service process time
  • Repeat service roots only at greater risk of breakage
  • Service price 800 – 950 +


  • Breakage 0%
  • Strengthens 200%
  • Shine x 3
  • Home care wash and go
    no need to Blow-Dry (any hair type)
  • Blow Dry can bend the hair
  • repeat service 5-6 months
  • Keratin and protein deliver 300 to 400 x more with nano
  • service price typically range from $300 to $800.
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Alfaparf Keratin is best used on over processed hair

Alfaparf Keratin

After doing over 2000 Keratin services we found Alfaparf Keratin is best used on over processed hair. most other Keratins will dry the hair out even worse than what you came in with! this Alfaparf Keratin is light weight super healthy shiny result and can be washed on the same day

Keratin that is best for Bleach or over processed hair !

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Monica Vanderkley Keratin Style Cut

Monica Vanderkley had her hair reconditioned with the Latino Keratin and Style Cut. At Aethete Hair

#sexhair with @monicavanderkley 💇🏻💋 . . #hair #fashion #love #style

A video posted by Aesthete Hair Salon (@aesthetesalon) on

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Makeover. Keratin, colour, style cut, make-up photo

Makeover. Keratin, colour, style cut, make-up photo shoot

This beauty wanted a complete makeover. Keratin, colour, style cut, professional make-up application and a photo shoot with 2 finished photos. She looks amazing and feels great… all done for under $800! Who wants a new look for Spring? #aesthetehair#bondi #loveyourhair #keratin#springmakeover #newlook

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New Method Keratin / poly-mine, DE-frizz upto 99%

New smoothing System from the US can reduce volume by 80% for upto 6 weeks we can further reduce the volume upto 100%
by using the Keratin over the top witch can give minimum of 2 moths of lust shine and volume reduction

We can further 2mth mini if you us e this after treatment care shampoo / conditioner

guavahairBOOK ONLINE


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Latino Keratin before / after

Latino Keratin

is a very heavy product that whase the hair down it is Best used on Irish Mains thick wield wiry hair types or on

  • all virgin hair types – very good
  • Fine hair type – Very Flat
  • Asian Indian hair type – Good
  • Bleach over Processed – Bad to very Bad



Keratin Hair Softening / Straightening

Latino Keratin hair service, guarantee No Frizz

Bill Minglis Photography / Styling

frizzy horses main?

Do you have the type of hair that looks like its dry and  out of control,  that take you over 45 mins to dry  every time you wash your hair !
That’s what this lady’s hair was like NOW- after just 1.20 mins with our Latino Keratin service we guarantee No Frizz 27% off home maintenance

After Care Maintenance

Keratin Infused Shampoos / Conditioner

Why they work so well?

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