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Bom Fire Red hair colour

for this Bom Fire red hair colour. We used Black tint colour at the roots red at the ends using O&M Clean Color Technology At Aesthete Hair Bondi

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New Method Keratin / poly-mine, DE-frizz upto 99%

New smoothing System from the US can reduce volume by 80% for upto 6 weeks we can further reduce the volume upto 100%
by using the Keratin over the top witch can give minimum of 2 moths of lust shine and volume reduction

We can further 2mth mini if you us e this after treatment care shampoo / conditioner

guavahairBOOK ONLINE


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Latino Keratin before / after

Latino Keratin

is a very heavy product that whase the hair down it is Best used on Irish Mains thick wield wiry hair types or on

  • all virgin hair types – very good
  • Fine hair type – Very Flat
  • Asian Indian hair type – Good
  • Bleach over Processed – Bad to very Bad



Razor haircut for fine hair gives Volume

Why use a razor for fine hair

Razor haircut for fine hair gives Volume. On super Fine Hair we use the razor to structure the outer layer of the hair witch adds a minimum of 10%-30% more volume to the hair style

Take a look at the video

Styling Aids

To add 30% more Volume flip your head over, 50% dry your hair at the roots only at 1/2 speed low heat.Then add salt spray at the roots only..

take a look at the video top rite

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Diamond face shape

Diamond face shape, what cut suits you Best?

Want to know which styles to consider to make the most of your lovely Diamond shape face
Come See us for a free consultation.

The Perfect hair cuts for Your Diamond Shaped Face

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Colour Idea’s

Aesthete Hair Salon works with clean Colour Technology meening 100% allergy free hair products and colors. We specialize in hair coloring techniques that are on trend and easy  maintenance. Below is just some of our favorite colors.

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Ombre Hair Painting Technique

Watch how we do our Ombre Hair Painting Technique for bondi locals maintenance free colour no more frequent visits to the salon view our image catalog

Ombre Hair Painting Technique

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Tayla Schuit Model

Tayla Schuit Model

was a treat to work with follow her on


+ colour and cut service with %%sitename%%

Tayla Schuit model colour

Into the city we go! #castinglife 🙈

A photo posted by Tayla Schuit (@taylaschuitpublicpage) on

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Nat Buller

Aesthete work // hair cut and colour by Bill Minglis with @originalmineral #aesthetehair #hair #bondi #originalmineral

A photo posted by Aesthete Hair Salon (@aesthetesalon) on

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Monique Mears

Aesthete hair // Thanks @moniquemears #regram #aesthetehair #bondi #loveourclients

A photo posted by Aesthete Hair Salon (@aesthetesalon) on

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