Q: What is it to get the right style for your face?
I think it’s very important. Purely because of the decisions that you need to make. Gone are the sort of days where everybody wants that oval appearance. When you’re doing hair, back in the 90s, it was always make everyone have the appearance of oval. Our views on beauty and fashion have changed. Actually, all face shapes now have so many benefits. It’s about knowing. We’ve got five face shapes here.

Best Hairstyles by Face Shape and body using Precision haircut tech

The oblong face shape is rectangular, and has similar qualities as the square face…

FACE SHAPES. Oval Face Shape? What is Oval Face Shape? The oval face … Diamond face shape. The Perfect hair cuts for Your Diamond Shaped Face Want to know which.

How do you know what face shape

you are then, if you look in a mirror going, I don’t know? It’s a really simple trick and all you need is a mirror and a tiny little bit of lip liner and I think we can see a little bit earlier on with Molly, I just held up a mirror and she just drew dots around obviously the outline of her face. Oh clever! And then all you do is you just join the dots up and well apart from my scribbles you can then match yourself to something quite similar and that is the easiest way I think to find out. So model 1. So model 1, well Molly actually had a heart shaped face as we saw there.